Vispassanna Meditation

Along with Thai Yoga Massage, I study Vipassana meditation. It is a wonderful compliment to my massage practice. I also give workshops and private instruction locally and across Canada at retreats, conferences, prisons, recovery homes and in my studio - one on one.

Vipassana meditation was conceived about 2500 years ago, supposedly rediscovered by the last Buddha. It is not based on dogma or any specific religion, and there is no guru or higher being to worship. It is open to everyone no matter what their beliefs. Basically, it is a philosophy of living. This is achieved through the effort of a daily meditation practice and self reflection. There are many gifts obtained from this practice.

Increased Awareness

Meditation allows us to live in the moment and life often takes on a more luminous quality. Colours appear richer, water feels wetter and mud even seems muddier! Our enjoyment of simple pleasures increases. Appreciation of the beauty of nature is more profound because we are more present and mindful within our surroundings. Our senses are naturally heightened and we require less stimulus (ie: alcohol, drugs, noise) to make it though our busy days.

Stress Reduction

I have found that meditation is the best tool for stress reduction. We notice that it is our mind and thoughts that increase our fears, doubts, worries and anger. We are better able to control our thoughts and we are not as quickly swept away by them. Thinking about the past and the future does increase our stress and, as one meditates more often, our stress declines dramatically. It is not running away from our problems that allows meditation to work, but it is quite the opposite. Humans deal with stresses more effectively with a calmer, clearer mind.

Personal Relationships

On a daily basis, as we spend that quiet time alone with ourselves, we slowly develop a more intimate personal relationship with ourselves. We are better able to nurture and support ourselves. Once we have connected more securely with our internal self, we are able to connect with family and friends in a richer and more meaningful way.

Mindfulness Meditation

Tuesday evenings from 7 until 9. Course length is 4 weeks. $95 per person. Includes taxes and materials.

If you are interested in any of the above courses, you may contact me at (604) 873-4734 or send me an e-mail to