Fortunately, even if you work long hours, you can still raise a happy and healthy dog, and it starts to know which breeds are best suited to spend hours only during the day.. The more time you spend with your Pit Bull, the more you will enjoy him. If you give them tasks to accomplish regularly, you’ll see that Goldens are very intelligent. Canines cooped up in the yard often lack mental stimulation and physical exercise, which can leave dogs looking for ways to fill their time and expel energy. There are options, however, that will allow you to leave your dog home alone knowing they’re safe and content. That said, you can essentially assume your dog is an adult once they reach 1 year – at least in regard to staying alone. in the summer i am home all day, but during sept. through i work for 7 hours!But by january 2014, i plan on moving and owning my own Business and be there for a few hours and only few times a week! Make the task of being a good dog part of being home alone, and you won’t have any problems. You have a lot of options for when you need to leave your puppy alone. Adult dogs who are using to being home alone can be left longer – as they’ve probably learned to sleep while you are away. For older dogs, the time you can leave them alone safely depends on factors … Pit Bulls can be escape artists! Since puppies are not used to being home alone, they are more likely to develop separation anxiety. Whether you’re looking for a dog you can leave alone in an apartment, or you simply prefer a compact canine, these small breeds can often tolerate a few hours home alone. Dogs may display escape behavior, fence fighting, digging and inappropriate chewing. 3. Having a dog is a major responsibility, and you can’t expect your pup to be happy if they spend all day every day home alone. A: I'm afraid the answer is no, as this can cause all kinds of behavior issues. A good piece of advice I received a long time ago was, Never trust your Pit Bull not to fight. To banish your dog to the backyard or leave him alone for long periods of time for weeks on end can cause him to become depressed, and/or destructive. You can contact our website if you want to buy the best Pitbull puppies for sale online near me. Can You Leave Your Dog at Home While at Work? You can buy pitbull puppies with a balanced temperament and sound mind. Our puppies are extremely healthy with proper body structure. She can stay inside or outside. Additionally, it is recommended to take them out to go to the bathroom every 2 hours. You can confine her in a room or let her roam around. Dogs are pack animals. Before you even consider taking on a puppy or leaving your new furry family member at home alone, you need to realize that not all puppies are the same. But this doesn’t mean it is wrong or they can’t be alone. Remember These Tips Robert Pitbull Home offers smart, beautiful, intelligent and cheap Pitbull puppies for sale. However, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. You can effectively leave your dog alone at this point for up to eight hours IF they don’t seem to mind and don’t show signs of stress. Even if you’re dog gets along great 99.9% of the time with other animals the Pit Bull is known for animal aggression and it is possible something will happen. Is not normal for them to be alone. You can train them to enjoy their time at home by gradually introducing them to alone time when they are home by themselves. Just because you have a dog now doesn’t mean that you’ll be stuck at home for the next decade. You can tie her up or fence her in. so how long can a pit bull, german shepherd, yorkie, beagle or lab stay home alone Just remember: A smaller dog means a smaller bladder—you’ll want to limit your trips or hire a dog walker to get them outside as necessary. Below you will find 11 tips that will allow you to make better decisions when you have to leave your dog home alone while you go to work. Pit Bulls are Agile, Athletic and FUN. Some low maintenance dog breeds are more suitable to stay alone for a long time, while others become restless and bored. Dogs are inherently social. Never leave pit bulls alone with other dogs (or any animal). Q: Is it OK to leave my dog unattended in our fenced yard?